Construct fine urban architecture with quality craftsmanship

Tianrun Land Group Co., Ltd. was originated from Chang'an Avenue in Beijing. With first-class qualifications for real estate development and a team experienced in developing high-class mansions, Tianrun Land focuses on the development of mid-range to high-end real estate development. Upholding the brand concept of constructing fine architecture for the urban environment with quality craftsmanship and renewing the blueprint of the city with high-quality architecture, the company integrates the quality of the buildings and taste for life and attaches great importance to both a high-quality physical environment and a pleasant cultural experience.
Tianrun Land is committed to developing new landmarks of high quality in China with an equally high standard of craftsmanship. Projects developed by the company include landmark office buildings such as Beijing IFC, Beijing TFC, and Beijing Long Beach International Center, and high-end residential projects such as Beijing Long Beach, Beijing Tianrun Art Palace, and Kunshan Nobility Village. These prestigious projects have earned awards such as the top award of UN-Habitat, Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, and Gold Prize for Quality Structure of Great Wall Cup.

Real Estate Development

Beijing Tianrun Art Palace
Linyi Tianrun Art Palace
Yunnan Water Town of Zhaotong
Xuzhou Dragon Mansion
Zhangjiagang Tianrun Mansion
Hangzhou West Hillside Mansion
Beijing Long Beach
Kunshan Nobility Village
Awards & Recognition
  • Beijing Tianrun Art Palace: 2019 Gold Medals of Zhan Tianyou Award for Outstanding Residential Community
  • Beijing Tianrun Art Palace: 2012 Beijing Quality Landscaping Project Award
  • Xuzhou Dragon Mansion: 2020 Outstanding National Habitat Landscape Award
  • Beijing Long Beach: UN-Habitat Outstanding Contribution Model in China
  • Kunshan Nobility Village: the 21st Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award
  • Linyi Tianrun Art Palace: Engineering Gold Award Certificate for 2020 Great Wall Cup of Architectural Structure