Corporate Culture

Corporate Values
Making Our Cities Better
With the mission of “making our cities better”, Tianrun treasures every piece of land and strives for the maximum utilization of land resources through careful planning and construction, so as to help cities upgrade their images and improve regional economy.
A Leading City Operator in China
Tianrun builds and operates livable middle and high-end residential buildings, as well as landmark office buildings. Based on the philosophy of urban operation, Tianrun focuses on planning and integrating various industries and services for people’s work and lives in a certain region. Tianrun aims to realize the functions and values of land planning, thereby promoting the development of a multi-functional urban complex for people to enjoy.
Self-discipline Innovation Responsibility Quality
With self-discipline as a code of conduct and innovation as a motivation for development, Tianrun values the sense of responsibility and takes practical actions to enable the rapid and high-quality development of Tianrun.
Corporate Culture
Talent-Oriented and Self-Motivated
  • Roles of commanders, schoolmasters, and parents

    Corporate leaders should play the roles of commanders, schoolmasters, and parents.

  • Think, write, communicate, and take real actions

    Be able to think, write, communicate, and take real actions.

  • Standards for leaders

    A good leader should be respectable, admirable, and awe-inspiring.

    Events And Activities
    • 2021 the 2nd Season “Tianrun March” Field Training Event

    • 2021 Spring Festival Event

    • 2021 Women’s Day Event

    • 2020 the 1st season “Tianrun March” Field Training Event

    • 2020 Dragon Boat Festival Event and the Garbage Classification Activity

    • 2020 Thanksgiving Day Event

    • Team Building Activity in Aranya

    • Birth Party for Staff

    • Flower Arrangement Activity

    • Hike across the Sanyang Ancient Volcano

    • Annual New Year Meeting

    • Peach Blossom Viewing and Spring Team Building Activity