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At Tianrun, we value integrity, and any dishonest behavior will be investigated.

Integrity: Be Honest, Self-Disciplined, and Trustworthy!

Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters. Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. At Tianrun, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any dishonest behavior, including any form of corruption regardless of the amount of money involved. 
As a company, Tianrun pursues profits with honesty, abiding by the laws and regulations. Our employees should also work with self-discipline and refuse bribes, earning their money with integrity. 

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Report Email: sj110@tian-run.com Report Telephone: 1361127611013611276110 1381114811013811148110
Real-Name Report First
We encourage whistleblowers to use their real names. We will also give priority to real-name reports and give timely feedback concerning the results of the investigation.
Confidentiality Policy
The information of whistleblowers will be treated confidentially. Any unit and individual under investigation shall not be allowed to take any action of retaliation and will receive serious punishment for such actions.
Reward Policy
Once a reported case is confirmed, the whistleblower, whether they are working at Tianrun or not, will receive a cash reward from 2,000 CNY to 10,000 CNY, depending on the nature and consequences of the case, as well as the cooperation of the whistleblower.
Range of Reports
We encourage reports concerning any form of dishonest or corruptive behaviors related to the interests of Tianrun, committed by any person.
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